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Company Profile: Hunan Jiang Ye Electrical Technology Co., Ltd., covers an area of ??33,400 square meters. It is a company specializing in large-scale non-ferrous metallurgy of non-standard automation equipment and comprehensive utilization of renewable resources, waste treatment and other large-scale research and development of environmental protection equipment, manufacturing and marketing of high-tech enterprises, in 2011 passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, in 2012 won the "Hunan famous trademark "title. The company's main products are used to clean the battery regeneration system technology and integrated device, pastel wet desulfurization equipment, heavy metal purification, low crystalline precipitation, lead alloys automated production lines, lead electrolysis process a full set of equipment, secondary lead cathode plate production line, molding casting sponge lead ingots and other units.

Position Title: Mechanical Design Engineer (5)
Qualifications: Age between 28-40 years old, college degree or above, mechanical design or electromechanical integration of professional engaged in mechanical design work is not less than 4 years, clear thinking, good at innovation, compression capability.
Treatment: single weekend duty (Hugh month 6 days), purchase of five insurance, the field staff to provide free accommodation, holiday benefits, technology innovation awards, year-end awards, various types of training, entertainment activities.

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